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E-reputation reports

To anticipate new trends and identify business opportunities.Explore the behavior of your consumers with WebRadar.



Monitor your e-reputation within people reactions to your brand, products, services and competitors.

Understand users reactions via reports to help you develop new communication strategies.

Track overall brand health and momentum with metrics on audience awareness.



Measure consumer response to new products and/or specific campaigns.

Monitor conversation volumes and distribution between social and mainstream sites.

Choose the marketing metrics and define the time period for campaigns  analysis.


Crisis Management

Monitor conversations and sentiment around your brand and industry across all social and mainstream channels to detect and manage crises in real time.

Snapshot public sentiment around your brand in any location or language to catch negative situations before they prevade the web sphere.


Customer Management

Deliver social data, insights, engagement and publishing capabilities to every department in your organization automatically and in real time.

Combine social data with tools already being used to all your systems in order to see the complete view of your customers.

Benchmarking reports

Better positioning and behavioral comprehension of your target market



Search for brands ,insitutions and people in different sectors.

Collect, analyze and report of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

Refine your benchmarking data by digging into your brand, consumers and competitors.



Segment your audience by language, location and interests to find actionnable insights.

Target your market by country and city to zone in on the locations that matter to your business.

Analyze influential users, sites and content to understand consumer feedback and build targeted outreach.



Compare your target position to your actual one by having an overall view upon the position your brand occupies among your competitors and target market.



Have an overall view upon your brand’s growth along a predetermined period of time. Monitor the value’s evolution throughout the time for better future planification.

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