Social inteligence platform

Base your decisions on Big Data analysis and specific insights

Sentiment Analysis

Detect the tone of consumer sentiment neutral, positive and negative


Social engagement and audience measurement

User interfaces

Search, explore, generated reports, charts, dashboards, organize, get notifications…


Real-time content monitoring


Articles, tweets and posts are fetched and permanently stored

Noise removal and extraction

Boilerplate removal, named entities extraction, classification


WebRadar is a social research engine that delivers deep ,actionable insights about people and conversations that matter most to your brand. Whether it’s identifying key influencers, understanding customer sentiment, or tracking social strategies over time, WebRadar is your key to making sense of social media data, discover trends, and topics



Social intelligence starts with listening. Listening starts with  data. Track real-time social and mainstream media conversations around the world with our easy-to-use dashboards and industry-leading data coverage.

Gather the most reliable data to your entity, detect customers, pick up prospects and find out what fans are saying about you in the digital sphere.



Select and contextualize the most important information for your organization in real time across the web. Since mapping information is our proficiency, WebRadar gives you the power of extracting pertinent researches and reports with respect to your need.

World map made of icons


Get involved in your community and see what is the most engaging content. Generate content and measure its impact via WebRadar’s reports and analysis in order to well understand the factors shaping the bihaviors of your clients.


Convert social data into insights to make a better business decision,

understand, evaluate, and measure the impact of campaigns.


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