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You are managing a Brand ?

Better anticipating new trends than seeming outdated ! Create and seize new opportunites and seek out competitive intelligence. WebRadar offers you the finest solution in the market in the shape of well structured reports whether it is for a benchmark, situation analysis,we base our delivery on KPIs that are relevant to your brand in the web sphere.

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You are an advertising agency ?

Because you need to win your pitch and understand your client, WebRadar offers you the ability to scan the market and the end users of each brand at a time. Don’t waste your time collecting data , get WebRadar’s reports and have access to information that help you measure the impact of each campaing with respect to your target, sector and market.

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You represent an Institution ?

Understanding public opinion matters a lot for you? WebRadar enables you to have a global overview upon all sectors and influential stakeholders. Anticipate threats and base your decision on facts rather than subjective opinions.

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The incredible amount of information available to us sometimes makes our job harder, not easier. I have been using WebRadar for the past 3 years for various clients and projects and it has been instrumentally to helping me identify the locally relevant, precise information that I need for my work.

Fatene Ben Hamza Chief Operating Officer, Cogite coworking space

We rely on KPIs and reports WebRadar to measure the impact of campaigns customers like Coca-Cola and Huawei.

Mongi Bhoury Digital Manager, FP7 Mc Cann

WebRadar help us monitor the reputation of our brand clients in real-time

Syrine Cherif CEO, Label Ogilvy

Unique as a blue diamond !

Knowledge Base

Tens of thousands of local names and facts about people, places, organizations and brands are used to extract meaning from an ocean of data, regardless of the language or spelling used

Beyond languages

Trilingual tool (French, English, Arabic) going beyond language by using the dialect of arabic countries to provide deep, more consistent and well segmented analysis .

Mapping for country sources

We cover 50,000 websites and content-generating sources in each country we operate in. Thus, we syndicate more than 90% of content and traffic.

Measuring the engagement rate

Unlike other monitoring services, we provide estimated measurments of pageviews for every publication and every topic.

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