Closure of Wholesale Market in Bir El Kassâa Threatens to Raise Local Agricultural Prices

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Closure of Wholesale Market in Bir El Kassâa Threatens to Raise Local Agricultural Prices Facebook () Twitter () Google+ LinkedIn () Email () PrintThe Wholesale Market of Bir KassâaOne of Tunisia’s major wholesale markets at Bir El Kassâa in the governorate of Ben Arous was closed yesterday, raising concerns for some that agricultural prices would consequently increase.The closure came as a reaction to a recent decision by the Court of First Instance in Tunis to appoint a judicial manager to take over Bir El Kassâa’s wholesale market from the labor cooperative board that is currently responsible for all regional wholesale markets.“This market is one of the most important wholesale markets.
Its closure will generate serious problems,” said Mohsen Hassen, a businessman and a professor in economics.The road to the supermarket was closed, and suppliers could not deliver their goods to the market.“This can lead to an increase in the local prices, which would in turn affect the purchasing power [of consumers],” stated Hassen.Not only will it affect consumers but agricultural producers as well.“Agricultural products need transparent venues to circulate, this can lead to harm the agricultural sector,” Hassen continued.In order to prevent such problems, regional authorities temporarily redirected agricultural suppliers to the town of M’Hamdia in Ben Arous governorate so as to maintain regularity of commercial activities, Tunisian radio Shems FM reported.TAP also reported that members of the labor board had been in a difficult financial situation as they had not been paid for more than two weeks.
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2012-09-18 19:38:44

The global software-defined networking (SDN) market will be worth $8 billion by 2018, compared to $960 million in 2014.This is according to figures published late on Wednesday by IDC, which sees significant short-term opportunities in the enterprise market and cloud services sector."Virtualisation and cloud computing will increasingly drive the need and demand for innovative approaches to...

The Dutch eBook market has seen excellent growth in the last two years and recent Q2 financial figures from the publishing industry has seen it increase by 18%. We now see eBooks accounting for 26% of all sales, but print books are still strong with 74%.The Netherlands has a different dichotomy than North America in regards to the way encryption is handled.
Only 1 eBook in 50 has the standard...

Kobo, one of the manufacturers well known for its eBook reader devices is preparing right now a new product that will offer an E-ink display and a water and dust-proof case.
This device is called the Kobo Aura H20 and we get to know that it recently received certification from FCC.
Kobo Aura H20 will come with a 68-inch E-Ink Carta display with a 1430 x 1080 pixel resolution, 1 GHz...

“There is no flattening out yet over here in ebook sales” ..."Our country is quite unique in the diversity of its ebook landscape," says Timo Boezeman, a sales account manager in the digital division of the Dutch distributor CB Logistics.

While the Surface Pro 3 has already arrived, Microsoft still sells its predecessor, the Surface 2. In fact, Microsoft just made the latter line of devices a bit more attractive to consumers, cutting its price tag by $100.Now, the 32GB Surface 2 costs $350, down from $450.
The Surface 2 with 64GB of storage will now run you $450.
The top of the line Surface 2, which offers 64GB of storage and...

Indian retailer Flipkart announced no less than 5 new tablets today, part of the Digiflip Pro series of slates.
What these models have in common is the OS, Android and the processor, made by Intel.
The newcomers are called DigiFlip Pro XT911, Pro XT901, Pro XT811, Pro XT801 and Pro ET701.
Prices start at $99.Diagonals range from 7 inches (DigiFlip Pro ET701) to 8 inches (DigiFlip Pro XT801 and...

A Dover Street Marketfor the budget-conscious? It’s entirely possible.
In celebration of their upcoming 10th anniversary next month, which includes the “Checkerboard” seriesand Pharrell Williams x COMME des GARCONS “G I R L”fragrance, the store has prepared a range of gifts and souvenirs, most of which start from a very accessible £10/ €12/ $17 price point.
Grab a vacuum-packed...

According to IDC, a market research firm, the picture for the PC market isn’t as bleak as it once was.
However, it’s not exactly rosy and filled with sunshine and rainbows, either.IDC’s latest figures indicate that global PC shipments will fall by -37 percent.
That’s an improved number over -6, which is what IDC previously forecasted for the market.
The growth of PCs has been held...

From today until Monday, September 1, COMME des GARCONS' six-story emporium, Dover Street Market, is closed for major refurbishments.
Expect a brand new Basement area, complete with D&Department’s Good Design Shop from Tokyo, a NikeLab…Dover Street Market x Nike 10th Anniversary Tennis Classic is a post by Paul Davies on Highsnobiety.

Out of the many products that have been created for Dover Street Market’s 10th anniversary, launching this Monday, September 1, the visvim collaboration is likely to be the most exclusive and talked about within the sneakerhead community.
Riffing off their ubiquitous FBT sneaker-moccasin hybrid, the Japanese brand meticulously hand-painted polka dots on the cow hide suede uppers.